Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Compliance

Marketch fosters Diversity in Technology Teams by helping Recruiters Source and Screen Candidates Bias free.


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Why use Marketch?

Hire from an endless Candidate Pipeline.

Marketch's AI powered search can get you in front of a diverse pool of Candidatess.

We use creative algorithms and complex matching to ensure each recommendation is the right fit for you.


Track your KPIs and Measure your growth

You can measure and optimize your Talent processes using core metrics like Time to Hire, Funnel Metrics and Conversation rates.

We also work with you to provide metrics on hiring goals and to make sure that you stay on track to reach your D,E&I goals.

Beyond Recruiting

Our solutions don't stop at Hiring. We work with you to eliminate bias from everything from interview notes to offer letter.

Marketch AI Chatbot Screening provides you an objective representation of the Candidate and their Skill enabling you to reduce unwanted bias in hiring.


Our Platform

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Candidate Sourcing

Source Candidates from a diverse pool of Talent by applying your filters our letting our Intelligent systems do the magic for you.

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Candidate Matching

Streamline your process by using our Intelligent solutions to objectively evaluate a Candidates so you can focus on the best fit first.

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Monitoring and Analytics

Use our Dashboard to Track Applicants, Roles and Performance along with key Diversity metrics to make sure you hit your goals consistently.

An Inclusive Platform

Contact us for a bias-free and inclusive hiring experience

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